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How Veltri Logistics Delivers Results…

  • Delivers products to your customers efficiently
  • Matches your shipping requirements with the right resources
  • Collaborates with industry experts that understand your specific business needs
  • Improves your bottom line through strategic planning and our unparalleled industry expertise

Boost your supply chain with the experts at Veltri Logistics.

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We make complex shipments simple.


From the East to West coast, we’ve got every state covered. Your load is always transported seamlessly to its destination — wherever that may be.


Never waste your time with representatives that don’t understand your needs. Every time you talk with us, you’ll speak with a logistics expert.


We’ll keep you updated with the latest tracking information with our state-of-the-art tech and notification services.


We’ve worked to build relationships with the right companies so that you always get the right price for your supply chain.

Streamline your supply chain.

Veltri Logistics is one of the fastest growing freight brokerage groups that provides our clients with on-time deliveries and expert support to help your supply chain run like clockwork.

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Finding the capacity you need to move your freight.

Drop Trailers

Simplify your supply chain with simple drop-off and pick-up trailer options.

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Full Truckload Freight

Find capacity and move large shipments more efficiently with full truckload freight.

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Maintain the quality of your products with temperature-controlled, refrigerated shipping.

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Get from Point A to Point B — On-Time and Secure

1. Request a Quote

Provide us with the details of your business needs and budget.

2. Talk with an Expert

We’ll get the needed information from you so that we can arrange every detail.

3. Schedule Your Shipment

Feel confident in your shipment with consistent shipping updates and on-time deliveries!

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Young woman explaining inbound vs outbound logistics on laptop to manager in factory warehouse.

Inbound vs Outbound Logistics

In the world of freight warehousing, there are two lanes to drive in: inbound logistics and outbound logistics. When companies…

Simplify your supply chain
with Veltri Logistics.