What Is Retail Logistics?


Businesswoman with a digital tablet showing and talking about retail logisticsRetail logistics includes the processes needed to move merchant inventory from point A to point B. Retailers, especially eCommerce sellers, need to move their merchandise from warehouses or distribution centers to the buyer. Some retailers may move inventory from one location in their distribution network to another, such as from a receiving facility to a store. In a perfect world, finished goods flow smoothly from receiving through to buyers. The occasional disruption is easily addressed.

But twenty years into the 21st century, the retail distribution landscape has changed forever. Supply chain disruption has become a household phrase that frustrates consumers and merchants alike. Even the so-called Amazon effect has suffered. So how can retailers address the challenges facing retail shipping?

One way merchants can strengthen their supply chains is by partnering with a logistics company such as Veltri Logistics. Working with experienced retail logisticians can minimize the risks associated with today’s distribution networks. Veltri provides flexible solutions to improve profitability through cost-effective options such as drop and refrigerated trailers.

Drop Trailers

Aligning shippers and carriers to minimize costs can be challenging. Poor coordination can result in added fees or late shipments. With the ongoing shortage of truck drivers, misalignment can delay shipments by days rather than hours. But with drop trailer shipping, you have a negotiated window to prepare freight for transport.

 A driver drops off a trailer and returns after a pre-established time to collect the trailer and its contents. The process may eliminate fees and improve your shipping status. Rather than taking up space on a dock while merchandise is loaded and unloaded, you can place a drop trailer in a location that creates greater warehousing efficiencies and minimizes the space required on congested shipping docks.

Scheduling a drop trailer may also prove less costly. In traditional processes, stopping the loading process to address immediate unloading requirements is not only inefficient but expensive. Workers may have to sit by idly while waiting for one process to complete. Shipments may be delayed because insufficient resources are available, and schedule deviations are costly. But with drop trailers, you can load and unload freight according to employee schedules. 

Full Truckload Freight

Finding trucks and drivers to meet a schedule can be overwhelming. The process can consume resources that could be used more productively. Working with qualified experts in the logistics field can help. Veltri’s shipping consultants can help you find solutions at competitive rates to maintain a healthy bottom line. 

Our experts can help locate resources to ensure your freight reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition. Reliable tracking technology ensures your shipments are secure. You know where your merchandise is anywhere along the transportation route. Every retailer needs quick delivery, but they also need secure transport at competitive rates. With our comprehensive solutions, Veltri Logistics can determine the fastest route to get your cargo from point A to point B. 

Retail Logistics

Moving items from point A to point B sounds so simple. But getting merchandise from one place to another in perfect condition and on schedule is often more complicated than it seems. Also, it’s important to be as cost-effective as possible to ensure a profitable bottom line. Unless retailers work with knowledgeable logistics companies, they can incur added costs resulting from inefficient routing or unavailable resources.

As in-person shopping has declined, the demand for reverse logistics has increased. More people are returning merchandise that they ordered online. This increase adds to the complexity of retail logistics. What are the best options for transporting returned items? Are dropped trailers feasible? Is shared capacity a possibility? We’re here to help provide answers to those questions.

With Veltri Logistics years of logistics experience as a nationwide freight broker, we can provide a comprehensive understanding of the transportation routes and resources for safe, secure, and timely delivery of products. Contact us today to see how we can help you navigate the retail logistics landscape.

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