The shipping industry requires much more than just getting products from point A to point B.

There are several behind-the-scenes moving pieces in between that need to be precisely coordinated for on-time deliveries in-full.

Our experts have a unique capability to match reliable and cost effective carriers with shippers who require detailed handling requirements, such as Reefer capabilities. They are able to formulate a strategy that supports even the most complex transactions.

The experts at Veltri Logistics understand the ins and outs of the shipping industry and the services that we offer. They are often able to recommend a more efficient option to meet our customers’ goals, such as using our Drop Trailer service.

Even your largest shipments arrive on time and in full when using our Full Truckload Freight service. Our professionals know exactly where your shipment is at all times with our reliable tracking. Veltri Logistics takes pride in our ability to find the trucks you need for fast shipping at competitive rates.

Drop Trailer

The option to drop a trailer saves time and money for both shippers and carriers, but what is a drop trailer?

Drop trailer is when a truck driver leaves the trailer at the facility, warehouse, or at a specific location for some period until another driver picks it up at a later time.

Veltri Logistics offers drop trailer services to our customers who ship consistent volume. The benefits of our drop trailer services include:

  • Better service levels
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Possible low shipping costs

However, there are also specific times that a drop trailer service is not beneficial. The professional team at Veltri Logistics helps guide you through your best options for each unique shipping transaction.

Full Truckload Freight

Our Full Truckload Freight service (FTL) benefits our customers who have large shipments that fill an entire semi-trailer. Usually, this is an entire truckload shipped from a single company to a specific location or client.

Some features and benefits of FTL freight include:

  • Security and tracking
  • Offers faster shipping than LTL
  • Suitable for high-risk or delicate loads
  • Ideal for large shipments
  • Cost-effective for larger shipments

Veltri Logistics streamlines customized solutions to help make your complex shipping transactions more efficient.


Refrigerated trucking, also referred to as reefer trailer, is a freight shipping method specializing in the shipment of products and goods in temperature-controlled environments during transit.

Reefer trailers operate with a built-in refrigeration system. Refrigerated trucking is essential for shipping perishable cargo like meat, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, and pharmaceuticals.

The experts at Veltri Logistics understand the detailed handling requirements of maintaining the quality of your temperature controlled freight. Our best practices for refrigerated trucking include:

  • Understand the freight and shipping needs
  • Schedule for quick loading
  • Monitor the shipment
  • Follow unloading procedures

Don’t take any risks with your temperature sensitive shipments. Our experts create logistics solutions to handle your cargo with care and confidence.

Contact our Logistics Experts

Veltri Logistics offers support for a variety of shipment requirements. Reach out to our experts to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your shipping needs.


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