Refrigerated Shipping

Maintain Quality

Reduce Waste

Protect Goods

Ship with care

If you are a shipper who’s trading in chilled, frozen, or fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc., you need a refrigerated truck to move this cargo safely across the country.

Our temperature solutions are all built with the following rules in mind where we:

Provide cold chain logistics solutions that exceed your expectations.

Offer the ability to maintain the quality of your temperature-sensitive freight with our commodity-specific expertise.

Support a complete range of temperatures.

Deliver sanitary transportation of food (STF) compliant.

Don’t take any risks with your
temperature-controlled freight.

We understand the detailed handling requirements involved with temperature-specific freight shipping. We monitor your freight consistently throughout the journey from Shipper to its final destination.

When it comes to temperature-controlled freight, you can’t afford to take risks. When you combine your temperature-sensitive cargo with our logistics solutions, you can be confident.   

What Our Clients Say

“Veltri Transportation can handle multiple complex transactions in the trailer leasing business. [Their team] thinks outside the box, and I truly valued their ability to operate strategically and tactically.”

Jim Legris, Former Regional Manager, XTRA Lease

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